Sales Policy:

It is our intent to sell our products. to the world, with a reasonable percentage for profit.

Most solar energy firms around the world do not have our flexibility to market at wholesale and retail.

Unlike our large competitors, we will sell on open account to any creditworthy firm or individual.

We work with stocking distributors for every solar product made around the world.

From simple solar electric chargers, to Grid-Tie Inverter Manufacturers, we can market everything necessary to complete your project. Some of the items we support are Solar Air Conditioning units, Trucking Refrigeration systems for Trailers, Domestic and Commercial Solar Hot Water Systems, Obstruction lighting, and Solar Assisted, Safety wind cones and heliport lighting are some of our most important product lines to which we direct 100% of our efforts. With our distribution network, we are able to make immediate shipment from warehouses located in California and Florida to the world.

We also have manufacturing facilities available for large scale production in Lebanon, Germany, and China.

AQUA SOLAR AMERICA will bid a very small percentage of publicly bid solar energy related projects where the product mix allows us to be price competitive. We will decline to bid the majority of solar energy projects and we may sell solar products direct to selected contractors, municipalities and other government agencies.

AQUA SOLAR AMERICA is currently developing a National Network of Solar installers. In some areas of marketing where there are no agreements, we will commission a salesperson for a specific project specification or order by mutual agreement in advance.


AQUA SOLAR AMERICA does not have any exclusive agent or foreign sales general representation agreements. However, it is our intent to support the efforts of any foreign company that seeks to buy or sell our products and exerts productive sales efforts on our behalf.

Unlike our large competitors, we will cooperate and support any agent that produces sales for us.

AQUA SOLAR AMERICA will agree to commission a particular party or even a foreign company exclusively for a territory or specific project when we judge it is in our commercial interest to do so. In no case will all sales be referred to a particular company, but AQUA SOLAR AMERICA will exclusively commission a company for sales destined to the agreed territory or project.

AQUA SOLAR AMERICA prefers agents and sales representatives that reside in their sales territory and have a general energy related marketing businesses. We will sell to the agent on a net price basis or through the agent on a commission basis. We seek agents who have electrical equipment sales experience to clothing manufacturers, chemical, food process, commercial or residential builders, and other potential clients in their country of origin.

Our core business is based on plumbing solar hot water systems, and all projects related with the need for heating water or creating steam utilizing solar thermal applications.

Apartment housing, residential projects requiring solar thermal and electric applications, are our specialty, furthermore, we also are including resorts, Hotels, and Golf Course Irrigation projects on our agenda.

Water pumping change out, Airport power systems, Hospital Emergency BACKUP, BIPV commercial and residential housing turnkey infrastructure projects are just some of our abilities at AQUA SOLAR AMERICA

AQUA SOLAR AMERICA will always make a good faith effort to identify commissionable sales destined for an agreed territory or project. The World is a very large economy and we feel duly bound to assist our customers, who are free to do whatever with the products they purchase from us. It is our intent to engage in honorable commerce with our foreign partner companies and we will pay commissions due whenever we can determine the ultimate destination.