PLUS North American 375kW Photovoltaic Inverter

PowerGate® Plus inverters are the next generations of PowerGate® Inverters for commercial and large-scale grid connected photovoltaic power systems that have become recognized for their reliability, energy efficiency and ease-of-use. The 375kW PowerGate Plus Inverter incorporates many of the features of the original PowerGate® Inverter plus several improvements that add futher value to photovoltaic power systems.


Extended Energy Harvesting

High efficiency (low energy loss) inverter design both AC and DC switchgear to disconnect the inverter at night. Minimizing standby (tare) losses, state of the art maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm, wide input voltage range, intelligent wake-up routine. Remote transformer option for direct connection to medium voltage grids eliminating the needs for double transformation typically saving 1% in energy efficiency.


Liberally rated for full power over MPPT voltage range, proprietary NEMA 3R enclosure design constructed from Cold rolled steel with zinc primer and zinc dichromate base and louvers all painted with a powder coated finish paint. Ventilation hood with low velocity, filtered air intake and sloped roof to direct rain water to the rear of the enclosure. IPC class 3 electronic printed circuit boards with components rated -40 C to plus 85C. Inverter film capacitors with a 25-year design life. Power magnetic components with a low weather, coastal (mild salt humidity) and harsh environment options. Soft start feature to minimize AC in –rush current and potentially harmful grid disturbances.

Easy Installation of Use

Inverter enclosure fully integrated with the separately mounted output transformer. Enclosure cable access from multiple locations to minimize field wiring. Enclosure design for handling by fork lift or crane. Optional PV Zone integrated sub-array combiner with current monitoring. Advanced human machine interface (HMI) with display visible in sunlight and membrane keypad for easy identification of power system status and inverter setup. Optional electronic ground fault detector/interrupter (EGFDI) eliminating the need to replace fuses in the event of nuisance ground faults in the photovoltaic power system; the EGFDI also has a tighter trip curve further limiting current in the event of a ground fault. Insensitive to AC phase rotation, DC polarity detection and protection.

Safety and Standards

Integrated DC two-pole disconnect switch to isolate the inverter (other than GFDI circuit) from the photovoltaic power system during inverter inspection or maintenance. Protective cover over exposed power connections. Certified to UL1741 and CSA 107.1-01. Tested according to IEEE 1547 including IEEE C62.41.2

Grid Interface

Output transformer for galvanic isolation and to match the inverter output voltage to the grid (optional version with transformer remote from the inverter) High-speed anti-islanding algorithm.


Extensive monitoring when supplied with SatCon’s™ proprietary PV View Plus monitoring system. Compatible with third party monitoring systems (consult factory for details).


 375kW PVS-375

480V Integrated Transformer*

Remote Transformer

Output Parameter



Nominal Continuous Power



Nominal Voltage



Voltage Range



Nominal Current

 451 A


Maximum Electronic Overcurrent Protection



Nominal Frequency



 Number of Phases



Power Factor, at Adj Range

 0.8 lag to 0.8 lead

 0.8 lag to 0.8 lead

Power Factor, at Full Load



Maximum Efficiency



CEC Weighted Efficiency

 96.0% Design Target

 97.0% Design Target (Inverter only)

Current Harmonics




Input Parameter



Nominal MPPT Voltage Range

 305 - 600VDC

305 - 600VDC

Maximum MPPT Voltage Range on Optional Lower Transformer Tap (full power at nominal grid voltage)

 275 - 600VDC

275 - 600VDC

Current Range

0 - 1281A

0 - 1281A

Options (Consult Factory)


 600 VAC







 Combiner Parameter



Number Inputs & Fuse Rating

 Not Included

 15 x 160ADC or 24 x 100ADC

Power Factor, at Full Load

 Not Included

 PV Zone™

Enclosure Parameter



Outdoor - Degree of Protection


 Extreme Env. Package - NEMA 4X (refer to factor)

Indoor - Degree of Protection










 Powder Coat: RAL - 7032



11 gauge steel with zinc primer and zinc dichromate base and louvers


Dimensions: H

 2263 mm (89.1 inch)



 2701 mm (106.3 inch)



 933 mm (36.8 inch)



 Approx. 4500 lbs


Environment Parameter



Operating Temp. Range

 -20°C to 50°C


Cooling Method

 Forced Air

 Forced Air or Closed Loop dependent on Env. Package

Storage Temp. Range

 -30°C to 70°C


Outdoor Environmental Packages

 Temperate Package

 Desert Package Cold Weather Package Coastal Package Extreme Env. Package




Seismic Rating

 Zone 4


120V Courtesy Power



DC Ground Fault

5 A Fuse

 Electronic Design (EGFDI)


5 A Fuse

 Electronic Design (EGFDI)

Grid Interface


SCADA Interface




SatCon Proprietary Package

 Not Included

 PV View™ Plus

3rd Party

Not Included

 Installation of 3rd Party Gateway

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact Aqua Solar America for complete details.